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New tires Accord

I need to buy new tires when I take my 4 snow tires off in a few weeks. Here are three that have recommended: Cooper CS4, Toyo Vesido LX, and Continental Conti Pro Contact. Size is 195. I’m looking for a comfortable ride rather than a high performance type tire. What do you think about these tires, would you recommend one over the others? Thanks.

I’ve been using Cooper truck tires for years…GREAT tires…I don’t know a thing about their car tires though…but they are a good company.

The Coni Pro contact came was one of the recommended all season tires by Consumer Reports. I just put BFG Traction T/A’s from Costco, on my wife’s Subaru, based on reviews I had read. Only time will tell if I am correct in my choices. So far, ride is as good or better than the Kelly tires I had on there.

The Continentals are noisy according to Tire Rack customers. Neither Tire Rack or 1010Tires sells Cooper tires. The Toyo is the Versado LX and 1010Tires does not have information on them. Tire Rack doesn’t carry Toyos either.