New tires yet my front end shakes over 60 mph - help~!

Hi. I have 4 brand new Mastercraft Lexington ES-335 tires on my car - with a front and rear alignment - yet the front end shakes when I hit 60+ mph. I went back and Town Fair Tire re-did the front alignment, but that hasn’t fixed the problem. My dad says the tires could be defective - like the tires might have waves in them. I searched for any recalls/manufac defects but can’t find anything. Does anyone out there know of any defects? I’d like more info before I call Town Fair again. thanks~~

Your dad is likely thinking a possible slipped belt and he may be right. Someone who knows what to look for can usually spot it with out even getting his hands dirty.

Of course there are lots of other possibilities. Bearings worn suspension parts etc.

Sounds like the rear tires are out of balance. Have the shop that mounted the tires check the balance on the rear tires. If that does not cure it then it could be many other things and a good mechanic will need to look at it.