2003 Mitsu Galant shakes like crazy at 62 MPH


This car runs very well except when it reaches 62 MPH. Then it shakes like crazy. I have had the alignment re-done twice and the tires rotated and re-balanced. The mechanics have not been able to find a reason for the shaking. Any thoughts?


For one, I’d avoid visiting Canada, where the speed limit is usually 62 MPH. :slight_smile:


Very funny.


Ignore the first post.

You need to find a front-end specialist and spell out the problem. Otherwise you risk turning your car over to an inexperienced mechanic who will simple do the routine balance & rotation and miss what’s really wrong.

I once was in a similar fix, in which two successive balances did not solve the shake problem. It turned out to be a cracked wheel, a problem which neither expert noticed when he worked on the car. I discovered it myself but only when the cracks had grown to near-disastrous dimensions.

Leave the car with a front-end specialist and ask him to test until corrected.


Thank you. How do I find a front end specialist?


Look in the Yellow Pages under Auto Repair.


When did this start. Was it there and getting worse or after new repair or something?


I have no idea when I started. We took the car out for a test drive prior to purchasing it. That same day we took the expressway hom and when the car reached 62 MPH it stared to shake like crazy. Upon arriving home we contacted the seller and he said he had never experienced any problems with it. This had to be a lie, but I have no proof.


Is the vibration more noticeable on one side? Did rotating the tire do anything to change the side? If this is a “new” used car and if nothing basic fixes the problem I will have a bodyshop inspect the car for integrity of the unibody.