New Tires: Mfg Date Jan. 2005



I bought a set of Bridgestone Potenza G009 tires today. When I got home, I noticed the date of manufacture for these tires is 0405 (fourth week of 2005).

Is this an acceptable manufacturing date for new tires? I noticed consumer reports suggests not buying tires that are “more than a couple of years old,” which seems to put 2.5 years right on that cusp. Thanks in advance for letting me know your thoughts.


Tires have a VERY long shelf-life. Drive on.


i agree


While this isn’t the best situation, tires have a good shelf life if stored properly. Needless to say tires that are 2 1/2 years old should have been a bargain!

BUT, if tires are not stored properly - like exposed to sunlight by hanging on the tailgate, or exposed to heat like an exhaust pipe - then they have a reduced life.

Rubber deteriorates with time - and doesn’t always show this deterioration by cracking. So most tire manufacturers recommend a 10 year limitation - but if you live where it is hot - Phoenix, Las Vegas - 6 years has also been mentioned - and this is from date of manufacture.


However installed on a vehicle they have a much shorter life.


It’s really going to depend how quickly you wear them out. If you’re like me and use up a set of tires in about a year (about 40K miles) you shouldn’t have to worry about them aging. Someone who drives very little might want to make sure they buy “fresh” tires.