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I need four new tires on my 2018 Infiniti QX60. It’s an SUV and I’m a slow driver. I’m not too concerned about performance. My biggest concern is noise. Give me life advice. What is the best way to go about this?

ETD recommends the Michelin CrossClimate2 and there is a $70 rebate. I’ll probably have them do that. But it’s a big investment, so I thought I should check here first.

In the next week or two I’ll be putting on another set of Goodyear weather ready tires. Quiet and good snow and rain traction.

Head on over to TireRack’s website linked directly to the Michelin Cross Climate below. Note the exceptionally high scores and the comments that follow saying how quiet they are.


Pretty sure you meant “Note the …”

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The only negative quality regarding those tires seems to be a slight loss of fuel economy. Apparently they are somewhat high rolling resistance tires.

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Yes, “Note”

They seem to be a pretty good choice. Most Michelin tires I’ve owned or driven on were quieter than their competition.

I currently have Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires on my Mustang. Previous brands (Nitto, Hankook, Toyo) of this type of tire were pretty noisy. These are far and away the best.


I’m a Michelin fan, just recommended a set to my SIL.

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When the OEM Bridgestone Alenza tires on my vehicle are ready for replacement, I plan to get a set of Michelin Cross Climate tires.

Doesn’t the Infiniti QX60 typically comes with either 235/65R18 tires or 235/55R20 tires , . Care to let us know which size you have?? lol

I have the 235/65R18


The CrossClimate2 is an excellent tire for many people, especially those who drive in light snow. My wife currently has them and I’m actually getting a set myself tomorrow.

As already suggested, take a close look at the Tire Rack comparison charts for the performance categories that you’re considering.

The only thing I noticed is that the a good for light snow. So if in a climate where heavy snow is likely might be an issue. On the few times you may need heavy snow performance, it’s nice to have a tire that can handle it. I’ve had the mish before and had no problems but went the the Goodyear last time. Splitting hairs. They’re all good in the $300 variety unless you try to get hard fuel savers.

While you are on the Tire Rack website you might want to read their test results for tire comparisons. Click on Research and Advice on the top line then on Test Results. Once there narrow your search by selecting touring tires and the crossover/SUV subcategory. They test 21 tires and the Michelin CrossClimate tires are in three of the comparison tests, a total of six different tires. You might find a different tire meets your needs or it may cement your desire for the Michelins.

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I have OEM Alena’s AS02 tires on my 2021 Equinox. I’ll be surprised if I make it to 40k. How did yours hold up?

Ed B.

The best tires seem to depend on the tire size for some reason. The best 15 inch make/model may well be different than the best 17 inch. Consumer Reports publishes an article every year on tire ratings, suggest to start there. Once you decide on the options, Google to see if there are any discount offers, either from the manufacturer or from a tire vendor. Be sure to visit the vendor’s website, the discounts sometime only appear there. Since your are purchasing 4 tires, I expect you’ll find a good discount, but may have to keep looking a few months.

fwiw, I installed 4 Michelin Defender LTX (15 inch) on my truck and 4 Hankook Optimo (13 inch) tires on my Corolla a couple of years ago. Both are doing their job fine, but the Michelin is definitely the more robust of the two.

Good suggestion. I hve access to CR online through my public library account. I just log in, search for Consumer Reports, and click on the CR web link. The library subscribes and all of the county residents with a library card can read it from home.

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I agree that they will not make it to 40k. At this point, with ~9k on the odometer, they have 6/32 * of tread remaining, and I will probably replace them by 4/32. However, these tires have not been as awful as some people claim. They have decent traction–both wet and dry–and they seem to ride decently, but of course, new Michelins are likely to ride even better.

*** Edited to add:**
I had mis-remembered the current tread depth. I just measured it, and it’s ~8/32, but I still see probable tire replacement w/in ~1 year.

Who/what is ETD?

As noted above, go to enter you tire size then shop by what you desire, ie quiet ride. It will then bring up tires that meet your requirements.
Where I live, my first priority is wet traction.

It’s apparently, which is a New Jersey based discount tire chain.

Thank you, :+1:t3: