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Wanting Smooth Ride to Continue

My 2007 CRV 4WD has the nicest ride of any vehicle I’ve had before, and also goes great in the snow! It will be needing new tires before winter and I’m worried that different tires won’t get me the same ride and results. What are on it now are Michelin Latitude Tour P225/65R17’s at about $180 a pop through Tire Rack. Looks like they are also soon to be discontinued. I’d like to find something cheaper without giving up the ride I have now. Is that possible to do and any anyone have suggestions for other brands that might save me some money? Am I asking too much??

This is much too subjective for me to comment. “nice ride”, “great in snow”, “cheaper” all depend on you. I would have a much different definition of each.

Just get the same tires. $180 is not a bad price, what do you hope to save? a few dollars on each?

If I bring up Tire Rack’s ratings, I see the Michelin Premier LTX at the top of the list, beating your current tire in every category, for $138. That would be my first choice in your situation.


Michelin tires are #1 in my book. I would consider getting the same ones if the price is good.

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First set of tires for my suv were michelins LTX I think, second set bridgestone long trail, biggest change was they seemed to take the bumps a little harder, traction etc. was fine, back to michelin, defender series seems fine, Bridgestone saved $50 a tire, was worth the extra mony for me to go back to Michelin.

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For many years I used and preferred BF Goodrich. The ride was always quiet and smooth, and the traction and wear good. I only discontinued because when I bought my current car (12 years ago) they were unavailable in my new tire size. If when I have to replace my current set BF Goodys are available in my size I’d like to go back to them.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll check those out.

your OEM tires seem to be $121 in local Walmart:

TireRack used to be good on price, but not anymore… although they are still good to research your options

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Wow! Never even considered Wally world. Great price compared to T.R.!

When I was looking for new tires after the bridgestones, was told ltx was discontinued, replaced by the defender evidently defender LTX series. I instantly went from 24/18 to 22/16 mpg when I switched to the bridgestone, stayed the same 22/16 with the defenders. Thought the tires would pay for themselves in gas savings, but did not work out that way. Rough estimate was about 200 gallons of gas for 60k miles

And you can add Sam’s , Costco , Discount Tires and a little research about 100 more places.

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There are two different tires, the less expensive Michelin Latitude Tour shown in the Walmart link and the Michelin Latitude Tour HP you saw at Tire Rack for $180 (Tire Rack and Costco also sell the less expensive tire).

These two tires have different wear, temperature and speed ratings.

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Can’t speak to that specific vehicle, but folks here seem to like their Michelin Defenders. I recently purchase some 215/75R15 's for $125 each as I recall.

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That might explain it. Nothing about HP on my tires, so the less expensive option should be the one I’m looking for. Good news!

For your truck, I presume

$125 seems pretty reasonable

P series or LT series?

For $125/tire, I’m guessing P series . . . unless I hear otherwise

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Good, cheap, reliable. Pick two.

When the Michelins are discontinued, get whatever replaces them. Your tire dealer should know what that is.

I must be missing something here. If you are replacing tires and the size, speed rating and the other things are close to what you had how much difference in the performance can there be. I have gone from one brand to another and the only time I noticed anything was when I put high performance tires on a Monte Carlo SS and found I could take curved expressway ramps at a higher speed. If the ride was changed it was not enough to register.

Yeah, you’re missing something. :wink: One time I replaced tires on my TL I went with Firestones because they were cheap(er). The ride was noticeably worse and the drone was awful. Tried another brand (can’t remember which one now, it’s been awhile) and it was still bad. Went back to Michelin Pilot Sport A/S and haven’t looked back. It costs more, but it’s worth it to have my ride and noise levels back.

Same speed rating/etc, and the treadwear warranty is actually 5,000 miles higher.


I just replaced Latitude Tour tires on my 2013 Equinox at 6/32" front and 4/32" back tread. Nicest OEM tires I’ve ever had, but I wanted a little more rain and snow traction. The local BJs had Latitude, LTX Defender, and the Premier LTX tires at a reasonable price.

I went with the LTX Defender since I do some driving on dirt roads and the mileage rating (70k) was higher than the other choices. I was concerned the tires might be louder and have a harsher ride than the Latitude. The Defenders are quiet and have a smooth ride despite the more aggressive tread. There is a drop in mpg (3-5%) but rain traction is much better. Overall, I’m satisfied with my choice.

Probably can’t go wrong with any of these tires.

Ed B.

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Yep P Series; for my CRV