Need New Tires

I am in need of new tires for my '08 Subaru Impreza. I am replacing Bridgestone Potenza G019 Grids. They were ok for about 15k, but have been terrible since. I am looking at the Dunlop Signature and the Cooper CS4 Touring. I do a lot of griving on rural county roads in northeast MN/northwest WI. Anybody have any experience with either of these tires?
both have good consumer review sections. I recommend a visit to one or both.

My son has used the Cooper CS4 or a similar predecessor, and it has worked well for him. I have had less than satisfactory experiences with Dunlop and tend to shy away from them. You may want to check out Consumer Reports to see if they tested either and what their snow traction rating is/did on their testing.

Here are some test results:

Another tire I would suggest are the Continental ExtremeContact DWS. They are decent in the winter conditions.

However on our 2005 Legacy my wife really flies on gravel roads leading to my family’s home in the white mountains of NH without any issue/full traction. Gravel traction is little more tricky and hit/miss with tires.