Clunking after new struts

Just installed new quick struts on my van. It clunks on the left side when you hit bumps. Changed the strut link. Still clunks?

Something is loose.

Or you might have a bad strut mount. Not sure if that was replaced with your quick strut or not.

Mount was with strut

A good friend of mine had Town&Country which was getting “clunky” very fast in one place: on the stabilizer bar bushing clamps.
These have one side attached with a bolt and another side “locking” into the slit in the sub-frame.
That connection was coming loose very fast and required him to replace clamps quite regularly. as they were “chewing” the connection piece once they started to get wobbly.

Make sure the spring is properly seated, top and bottom.

Might be a bad mount, might be air in the wrong place inside the strut. If it is air, it will pump out. If it is a bad mount, it will get worse.

OK… just took off the wheel again… strut link is tight. rechecked all the bolts… Torques are to spec. Replaced the outter tie rod end too. Took it out for a run… still clunking. On a smooth road if I just slightly weave back and forth, it clunks both ways… It clunks with the weight shift not the initiation of the turn.

I want to be clear… This only started when I replaced the struts.

You could put old strut back for a test. If you have time.

Can I cry first?


What is the brand of quick struts you put in?Some are good some are bad right out of the box.


Detroit Axle

Never heard of them but quality has a price. I know by experience

See if the sway bar bushings are worn.



Can you and a bud replicate the sound by trying to push down and sideways on the car? Maybe a stone or lug nut under the hubcap?

I ordered a cv shaft and will put it in tomorrow… going to take some pics of the bushings and post them too. If that doesn’t fix it, I’ll return the strut for a replacement.

Got my wife to come out and listen “What am Listening for?” Should have recorded the ordeal for youtube…lol. She had no idea, she said it was coming from everywhere!.. The more I listen, the more I think it sounds like the sway bar bushing… Maybe I’ll replace that next instead of the new strut.

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The sway bar bushings can look very different depending on whether the vehicle is jacked up on both sides, one side or not at all.

Well? SH*T! New sway bar bushings, new out tie rod end, new CV axle, new Struts… Damn Clunk is still there!?! I am seriously wondering about the new strut assy. That was the first thing I changed and it is when the clunk started…