New Rotors Whistling

I own a 2006 Mazda 6i. I set out to replace my front brake pads and rotors last week. I was unable to jolt free the rotor screws, so I just replaced the brake pads. Last night I borrowed an impact drill and was able to get the rotor screws free on the one, but had to drill out the screws on the other. I put the new rotors on (one floating). Today, I am hearing a whistling/slight squeeking noise when I hit the brakes. I can also periodically hear a noise from the front right side when I’m driving and not hitting the brakes. I’m not sure if the rotors are whistling because they are brand new or if something may be wrong.

I appreciate any feedback that may be offered, thanks.

They might have had a protective coating that should have been removed before installation.
Try removing them and wiping them down with a strong solvent like lacquer thinner.


The rim should hold the rotors to hubs same as the screws. I would remove the tires and just take some Brakeclean and spray them real good.

If I do not spray the rotors, will the noise gradually dissipate on it’s own in a day or two or will it remain until I spray them? I will not have not have time until the weekend to take the tires off. I have 5 spoke alloy wheels. Am I possibly able to spray the rotor in between the spokes, or will that not provide sufficient enough coverage on the rotor?

You need to clean both sides of the rotor.
Can’t do that with the wheel on.

Good point. I appreciate the feedback!

You should do yourself a favor anyway, and remove the screws from the rotor that you didn’t have to drill out. They serve no purpose other than holding the rotor to the hub until you get the wheel on. Once the wheel is on, the lugs hold the wheel to the rotor and the rotor to the hub. All the screws do at that point is get fused to the rotor, making you have to struggle the next time you change rotors. If you remove them now, they won’t have had time to get stuck.