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2001 Mazda front break and hub

is it possible for the hub assembly or corrode to the point that when changing the rotors that the new rotor won’t seat properly to the hub spindle?

Sure. How Much “Off” Are You Talking About ? The Old Parts (Hub, Lugs, Etcetera) Always Have To Be Thoroughly Cleaned. Usually A Stiff Round Wire Brush Made For And Chucked Into A Drill Works Best.

If that rotor doesn’t sit flat then the rotor and wheel can wobble and your wheel could work loose. The back side of the wheel should be cleaned as well.

Describe the problem in more detail if possible.
What are your symptoms ?
The rotor won’t go on ? T
he brakes are pulsating ? What ?
Is it back together ?


The mechanic said that when he was going to replace the rotor he started cleaning off the shaft before removing the old rotor and was concerned that if he took the old rotor off the new rotor wouldn’t seat to the shaft. I have replaced lots of rotors on older cars and have never seen a spindle shaft rusted and corroded like that. It makes me wonder of what he was saying had something more to do with the hub bearing rather than the rotor itself. He also said the rotor was rusted in place as to why he was cleaning off the shaft.

I think, after looking at the schematic, the mechanic meant to hub assembly. is it possible for the hub assembly to rust to the point it won’t properly accept the rotor so that the rotor would wobble? Do I need to replace the hub? I have done front breaks many time and have never seen a hub rust out like the mechanic is describing.

I’ve seen hubs get rusty where the new rotor won’t seat squarely onto the hub. But it’s no big deal. You just remove the rust from the hub with a whizzy wheel. And to remove the rust from around the lug studs you use one of these.


He just needs to clean it to bare metal. Sounds like he has a new boat to make a payment on if he wants you to get a new hub. That is a substancial piece of metal and a good conical wire brush should make it shine like new.

Tester, I Like That Scotch Brite Hub (Around the Stud) Cleaner. I’m Going To Get One. Can You Show Me A “Whizzy Wheel” That You’re Talking About, Please ?

I find the cleaning part of brake replacement to be the toughest and most time consuming part of the brake job, but if I had the right tools . . .


A whizzy wheel is slang for an angle die grinder.


Tester, Thanks A Lot. I Have A Die Grinder Already, But Not The Scotch Brite Pad For It, Just A Grinding Disc. I’ll Have To See If I Can Fit One To It.

The only thing I use now is this 1" brush, sandpaper, and elbow grease. The brush works ok, but takes a while and it doesn’t fit between the studs and the hub very well.;&-39;-Shanked-Steel-Wire-End-Brush-72737_6836