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Intermittent Brake Grinding Sound

I have a 2000 Toyota 4_Runner. About 20% of the time it makes a terrible grinding sound when I apply the brakes. This has been occurring since I had the brakes replaced a few months ago. I have returned it to the shop 4 times, and each time they say everything is fine. But they must not be able to re-create the grinding sound when they have it.

what else was done to the car since the brakes? (oe around the time you had the brakes done?) tires? alignment?

a while back when i got new tires, i heard a new noise. i had a bad wheel bearing. getting new (quiet) tires let me hear the bad bearing. i was having a hard time differentiating the source, since i was blaming it on the tires.

you may need to find a different mechanic to troubleshoot this. by any chance did you have the brakes done at a quicky national chain? possibly that is the problem.

I’m having the same problem with my car, and I did recently have my brakes done. My car person told me I should only worry if it happens when I’m going faster, but it’s starting to make horrible noises some of the time. I’d love to know if you ever got an answer!