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Cars Without Electric Windows

Is there a car manufacturer out there that makes cars without electric windows? That’s right, I said WITHOUT electric windows. I hate 'em.

I can remember cars like the Geo Tracker and early S-10’s could be had without electric windows. I think some low end full size pickups can still be had without power windows. I see window crank removal instructions up till at least 1998.

I was just looking at used Corollas on If I read it right, the CE model from about 2004 (+/-) did not have power windows. Power side mirrors, yes; windows, no.

If you get the Jeep Wrangler with removable doors, I’m pretty sure those are still crank windows.

I’ve seen manual windows in somewhat older (like 2006ish) Japanese and Korean compacts, but I haven’t really looked lately.

I suspect it’s probably something like manual transmissions where it’s getting to be such a niche market that prefers them that it costs more to design and manufacture a manual window option than to just make power windows standard.

Hate is a very strong word.

Yes, there are several companies that make cars without electric windows, but usually you have to buy the very basic, inexpensive models to get manual windows. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

2003-2007 basic Pontiac Vibe.

They are not all bad. I was disappointed when I bought a new Volvo in 1991 and only electric windows were available. 19 years, two kids, and 280k miles later, I have had no problems with any window in that car.

On the other hand, I have a 2004 BMW that eats window regulators.

They exist and recently however it is much more difficult to find them. They make up about 5% of the cars built recently(last 5 years) at best.

Given no one wants manual windows it is likely cheaper to install them than having options.

In my experience the only time I have had problems with windows are with manual windows(VW Jetta and Toyota pickup) never with electric over 6 vehicles.

I thought you could get most cars without electric windows – at least I’ve always been able to, by purchasing the most basic package you could (since I’m a a bit on the thrify side). My 2005 Tundra has crank windows. But, I really wish I had electric windows – there is nothing more aggravating than having someone walk up to the passenger side of the car and having to lean way over, stretch out and crank down the window.

The base model 2009 corolla came without power windows. I assume the 2010 models are the same way. You will probably need to order one since the dealers usually stock higher trim levels.

The cheapest cars such as the Accent, Versa, and Aveo don’t have power windows. You’ll have to sacrifice a lot of stuff to get crank windows though.

You’ll also be sacrificing some resale value, most folks don’t want cranks.

They can still be had, but only one the most basic trims levels on the most basic of cars. Keep in mind that if you forgo the power windows on a new car, chances are you’ll have to forgo most other creature comforts as well, like AC or a CD player.

I’m curious, why do you “hate” power windows? These days they are pretty reliable. I’ve never had a car with power windows give me any trouble with them. Nor has anyone in my immediate family. I think they’ve even gotten the motors and regulators to the point where they actually weigh less than an crank window assembly.

Lotus Elise comes without power windows.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I always thought that MG ruined the midget when the side curtains were replaced in about 1963 with crank-up windows. With side curtains, you don’t have to worry about regulators or the windows freezing shut in cold weather. Now they have gone and electrified the windows.

I had a friend that bought a used Honda Civic–I think it was a 2001–that didn’t have power windows. She was very unhappy with the purchase and talked about seeing if power windows could be retrofitted to the Civic. However, the car was totaled in an accident. Her replacement car did have power windows.

Every car I have purchased since 1988 has power windows and I have not had the first problem. The only car with power windows that I remember having a problem was a 1948 Buick convertible that my late aunt owned. When the car was 10 years old and she was visiting us, the driver’s door power window had a problem. She would raise the window and it would slowly go back down. In those days, the windows were operated by a hydraulic cylinder and the seals had worn out. I think that they have greatly improved power windows since then.

However, if I ever purchase my dream car–an early Austin Healy bug eyed sprite, I definitely want one with side curtains.

Thank you all for the responses. Glad you are having such good luck with your electric windows. I just like stripped down cars. Less to go wrong.

Then you should get the base version of the base model of most automakers. They’ll come with roll-up windows.

Really? As I’ve visited some manufacturer sites for ordering cars that I like and tried to price a base model, the sites don’t show whether or not the car in question includes electric windows. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the tip.

Oops. I meant roll-ups. Sorry for the confusion.

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