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I have the opporunity of buying a 2003 Civic Hybrid ($4,800), a 2003 Infiniti G35($5,800), or a 2005 Camry XLE($4,850). college student not a lot of money, and looking for good gas milage. Looking for a car that will last me untill i have teh money to buy a new car. Any suggestions?

Those prices are suspiciously low. Something isn’t right. Who is offering these cars at these prices?

Forget gas mileage-if you can buy an Infiniti G35 for $5,800 you get that haha.

My question though is: what foreign country do the sellers want you to send the check to? :slight_smile:

If gas mileage is your highest interest, the Civic hybrid is clearly the choice; even if you are on the highway a lot. The G35 has a high performance 6-cylinder and uses premium fuel. And that’s an awfully low price on the G35. What’s wrong with it? Here are the new EPA estimates for city/ highway gas mileage:

2003 Civic Hybrid: 39/43
G35: 17/24
Camry 4-cyl 21/31
Camry 6-cyl 18/26

Depending on condition and mileage, I’d get the Civic.

I would be concerned about how soon that 2003 hybrid might be due for a new battery pack. Since that can cost upwards of $3,000., if the OP is short of funds, that possibility could make this purchase inadvisable. If the Civic Hybrid has more than…let’s say…110k on the odometer, I think you have to consider the possibility that the battery pack might need replacement within the next year or so.

Then again, it might not need to be replaced that soon, but a $3,000. “surprise” could be very bad for someone short on funds, and that possibility would drive me toward a different vehicle that doesn’t have the potential for such a large bill in the future.

On a limited budget, always consider the maintainance potential of the vehicle in your area. Can you get it serviced at a reasonable price and effort ? or are you gonna be towing it to a specialty shop 100 miles away ? The cost of buying a car needs to always consider the cost and effort to KEEP the car. Here in my small town out in the middle of nowhere, I wouldn’t touch the Infinity or Honda for the mere fact of immense difficulty of proper service ( 140 miles one way for dealer service, small shops here not well versed in type). Look at your personal servicing possibilities to help you decide.

I would be concerned about how soon that 2003 hybrid might be due for a new battery pack.

Since it’s a 2003 and the battery packs have a 10 year warranty…it shouldn’t be a problem.

I too have to say…those prices are way way too low. Are they currently running? How many miles on them??

And check each car’s potential need for major service soon. Brakes, rotors, tune-up, clutch, transmission, compression, oil leaks, cat coverters, struts, tie rods, steering gear, etc. are all reasons to dump a used car on the cheap …they could cost you in service real soon.

Depending on how many miles on the odometer, consider the Camry. For $50 you get more room. It is not the cheapest, but can be repaired easily, and usually isn’t very costly. You may be able to do much of the normal maintenace services, too.

While gas mileage is a consideration, it should not be the only one. Unless you live a ways away, college students do not routinely drive an average number of miles per year, compared to the rest of us. If you buy the Camry, you shouldn’t need a new car for five or more years out, after you have established yourself economically.

I would go with the camry for the reliability and low cost of repairs. Do yourself a big favor and have the car checked out by a mechanic.

I would agree that the Camry, if it checks out properly, would be the least risky and parts are readily available. OP can’t afford the risk of a new battery for the Civic, or expensive repairs on the Infiniti.

Can’t say unless I know what you are going to use it for. Will it be around town, load-um-up road trips, both?

If someone is offering you a G35 at that price and there is nothing wrong with it. Buy it ASAP. Then turn around and selling for at least double what you paid for it. Either the person selling that car has no idea what it’s worth or the car has like a bajillion miles on it and has been wrecked several times.

I’d take the Camry all things equal. These cars are not by chance eBay listings are they? Seller in FL, car in PA, yada, yada, yada, Western Union payment, free shipping, and all of that garbage?

EBay Motors if chock full of junk/fraud, and their “protection plan” is worthless, so if these cars are eBay listings you should proceed very, very carefully; and make sure the cars are close by so you can look at them first.

I have seen prices similar to these posted on Craig’s List. It is a scam.