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New or slightly used?

I am planning to buy a Subaru Forester X Limited without the navigation system. I can get a new car with essentially zero miles or for about $500 more buy a demo with 5,000 miles that comes with the NAV upgrade. Any thoughts or suggestions?

How much does the NAV system cost on a new Forester?

I would buy a new car; demos are usually punished by the guys who drive them. I once lived in an apartment, and my nextdoor tenant had a Chevy demo. He raced the engine on cold mornings, and the drivers who drove it for “demos” may have punished the gaers box as well.

Many demos are not broken in properly as well, and that can result in lifelong oil consumption.

Of course not all demos go through this punishment, but many do. You can buy an after market Nav system fo $300 and upgrade it as better models conme out.

In short, I would get an NEW car and break it in properly.

Unless you really feel the need for a NAV system, I’d take the new car without it and save the $500.

As you’ve already read, sometimes the life of a demonstrator is not the easiest. Been there, done that.

The option lists for $1800 and invoice is $1501. I imagine that the demo is a 2009, correct? Edmunds says a 2009 with Nav should retail for about $24,740. A new 2010 without Nav retails for $28,490 and most people are paying $26,946 with destination charge included. I wouldn’t pay more than $24,740 for the used car. My guess is that they are probably offering it to you for about $26,500. That’s outrageous if close.