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Buying a new 2013 subaru forester 2.5x premium manual 5 speed with all weather package

Hello everyone I am in the market for a new 2013 subaru forester 2.5x premium manual 5 speed with the all weather package. which includes heated cloth seats, fog lights,display audio unit with HD radio, auto dim mirrors/ compass with homelink, splash guard , rear bumper cover, cargo tray, aero cross bars, wheel locks- alloy wheels. I have been offered a price of 21,827.00 from the internet sales manager. is this a good price. I live in the mountains of colorado.
any advice will be greatly appreciated.

If you have to worry about the price, you probably can’t afford it…How far away from your home is the selling dealer? If your are financing it, you will be upside down on the loan right from the get-go and the price you paid for it becomes almost meaningless…It’s the size of the monthly payment and how many of them you must make that matters…

Is that price out the door, or just for the car?

Not to address your question directly but, get the automatic. The difference in added initial cost compared to the resale/trade in value and expanded market is well worth it. The price sems quite reasonable IMO, on the standard. I woud counter with adding on the automatic.

True Market Value for this car in Colorado Springs (from is $24,000. It’s a good deal.

The price is 21,827 before taxes and dealer handling.

You’re Going To Need To Compare Out-The-Door Prices.

The price I gave is before taxes and includes transportation. What is dealer handling?

“Dealer Handling” equals “added dealer profit” Like the Scotch Guard, the Wax Job, the undercoating, the extended warranty, the usual thousand dollar kiss they try to tack on…Oh, would you like the Premium Package for your Sirius Radio? Sure, no problem…What about OnStar Global Service?

Dealer handling is another term for dealer pres, which should already paid for by the car maker, I believe.

I’m with Caddyman on this. It sounds to me like you may be getting in over your head on this. Remember that all those great things in the option package become simply higher monthly payments once the novelty wears off. Also remember that you’re going to have maintenance and operating costs in addition to the payments, and keeping the payments down will be a blessing when those costs come along.

I can afford the car and have a very good down payment. But even with that I did a lot of research and knew exactly what I wanted. I also want to get the best deal for my money.

Let us know how you like it, @vampira.