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Need second key for Ford F150-Ford unable to help

We bought our son a Ford F150 & it only had one key = ( We took the truck & key to the Ford dealership & after quite some time & about $100 they said without more effort/time/money on their part they were unable to make a second key (shocking, I know, but my husband & I have never had a vehicle with a chip before & didn’t know it was going to be such a potential headache). We had a second key made that can only be used to unlock the door. We were told that would lock up the transmission if we ever tried to use it to start the truck. So what do we do? It would be nice to have a second key!?

Shocking…to me too.
Shouldn’t have been any problem for the Ford dealer. I am a 30 year Ford dealer parts man and I don’t get their issue here.

You have one key that works.
One more key $25.00
Plus programming time.
bingo !

Shouldn’t have been any more complicated than that.
What did they say was the problem here?
Is there some aftermarke security system or something ?

Even a truck with NO keys would simply need two fresh keys and programming time.

After that, when you have 2 working chip keys, YOU can program your own keys 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 if needed. The instructions are in the owner’s manual.

Many lock smiths have the equipment to program. Is there a different Ford dealer nearby ?
Or just bring it to me ( Ya right…in Gallup NM :slight_smile: )

Go to another Ford dealer.