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New Horn! Blowing 10A


Have installed a Wolo MODEL 418 POWERHOUSE air horn to my 2005 SR5, wired the compressor to earth and + joined to one of the existing OEM horns.

Pushed the horn button a couple of times (all 3 horns sound {2 OEM’s + new one}) then my 10A fuse blows…

Any idea why?

Thank you!


Well, yes, as a matter of fact I do have an idea why your fuse is blowing.

Take a look at the rating label on the compressor for your new Wolo MODEL 418 POWERHOUSE air horn and see how much current it is drawing through your 10 amp fuse and I’ll bet you’ll have an idea too.

Not to mention that the original horns are still hooked up too. They were probably already consuming the better part of the 10A current available.

Don’t just put a bigger fuse. You’ll need high current wiring and a high current relay.

Thanks folks… I’ll be removing the OEM horn on the weekend… perhaps leaving one…

Good point about beefing up the wiring etc.