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1997 Rav4 horn issue

On the way home yesterday I was caught in a deluge. I ended up having to go through one spot where the water was pooled, but not really that deep. Anyways, 45 minutes later I arrive home, park the car, and 15 minutes later the car horn starts blowing constantly. This went on for several minutes, stopped and started a few times, then eventually stopped. Nothing I tried would make it stop, it just eventually stopped on its own. So as not to wake the neighbors last night I pulled the fuse to the horn. With the fuse back in, the horn still works, any ideas as to what caused the problem?

The horn is driven by a relay. Pull the relay, put the fuse back in and see if that fixes it.

this link may help:

If read the original post correctly the horn works like it should after replacing the fuse. That would indicate that a undercarriage splash shield is not doing its job or missing. I also suspect that a lot of water was the problem rather than just a normal rain.

Didn’t a fellow named Jack Benny write in about a problem with the horn on his Maxwell blowing at midnight? I can’t remember what advice we gave him to remedy the problem.

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I interpret that differently, that the horn still blows when he replaces the fuse. ie, blows continuously.


If you have a car alarm system that blows the horn when activated, could be something to do w/that. Or if you have a key fob that beeps the horn when you use it. If you have either of those, try disabling them to see if the problem goes away. Would provide a clue to the cause anyway.

My guess, something about the weather caused the horn button on the steering wheel to get stuck in the on position.

To follow up, I waited a few days and then replaced the relay. No issues since then!