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Horn Problem with Volvo

Horn shorted out…kept blowing until the fuse failed. replaced fuse. activated horn, which gave a really low muffled/weak sound until the fuse failed again.

any clue? do i need to replace the horn assembly? it seems like there’s not an issue between the button and the fuse, but on the other side.

Does the fuse still blow if you remove the connector from the horn?

haven’t disconnected anything. to be 100% honest, i have no clue where the horn is. but that’s a logical next step for a trouble shoot.

Yeah, just play around with it & see what ou come up with.

I dont have Volvo wiring diagrams but I presume the horn button & the horn are both wired to a relay. You could try pulling the relay & see what it does.

Most likely location for the horn is along side of or in front of the radiator.

Good luck with it.

There are probably two horns, and probably only one of them is shorted. You’ll need to determine whether the bad horn (assuming that’s the problem) is the low or high tone and replace it with the same one, or the horn won’t sound right.