New Honda Or Preowned Audi?


I’m in the market for a replacement car and have been considering a preowned Audi A4. I have discovered that I can buy a new Honda for roughly the same money. Given that I drive roughly 750 miles per week, would the new Honda with lower maintenance costs be a better deal? I’ve always liked the A4 but don’t want to to pickup high ownership costs. Any thoughts?


With Audi’s high maintenance costs,the Honda is the obvious choice in my opinion.


Audi will probably have a higher maintenance cost. Obviously, no one can tell with absolute certainty on any two individual vehicles, but you are going against statistics with a used Audi. I would pick whichever one I like the most, but I am picky that way.



I take it you’re looking at the new Accord? If you buy a new Honda, your factory warranty will last less than a year(3yr/36k mile), whereas a used car might have a 30 day/1000 mile warranty, if any, and will run out in a week. Most used cars will only be as good as the previous owner’s took care of it, regardless of the badge on the car.
I’d rather have an older Ford with 150k miles on it that was pampered it’s whole life over a newer Honda with 20k miles on it that lived it’s life 1/4 mile at a time, with a binary driver(pedal is either on the floor, or not used at all because the brake is being applied)in town.


I’ve heard that European vehicles tend to be more costly to maintain - especially VW’s and Audis. That said I’ve always loved the A4…
Thanks for your thoughts!


I see things trending in that direction…
Thanks for your input!


If this were a matter of sheer economics, the Honda easily wins out. But even better would be a used Honda, so clearly economics isn’t the only factor.

If you would be thrilled riding in your Audi but would hide your head in shame driving your Honda, then here too it’s no contest. So let me give you that gentle shove that you are truly wishing someone would provide. Audi - Audi - Audi…


The Honda seems right.


Of course a new car is the better deal. You should not compare a used whatsit against a new whatsit.

Some of those Honda repairs can be pricy too, depending on the failure.
If the driving “feel” is important then the Audi will have that over the Honda.

If the “attitude” is not an issue, then I would take the Honda, bland though she be.


If you drive that much, you might consider a 2-year old Honda to get a little depreciation on it.


get the honda, more repair shops,and used parts will be found in local junkyards better!!!


A couple of thoughts:

If you are going to be driving 35-40K miles per year, a new car (of any make) is not a good deal. The initial depreciation in the first year will be significant. Find whichever car you want with about 50K miles and let someone else eat the initial cost of ownership.

On a cost per mile basis, the honda is obviously going to be cheaper, it’s a cheaper car. You are comparing apples and oranges. You need to decide what type of vehicle you are shopping for. If you can put up with the honda, find a good used one.