Keep it vs "new" car

First off- I put 40+k miles on my cars each year. I currenly have a 1995 honda civic(115K) (that I really can’t put all the kids in due to safety) and a 2003 Acura MDX (105K) I am currently putting $2500 in my Acura for repairs and maintainence. I have the honda so I could use it as a daily driver, but I can’t really pick up the kids (5 some days) in it so I have not been driving it.

Should I get rid of both cars and get something newer or keep them? I have only had the MDX 10 months and have had to put over $3500 into it, and I will need to put another $700-1000 for paint due to rust this year. The Honda needs a new muffler and the passenger airbag serviced (and I will need new tires for both this year). What do you think?

Acuras are normally very durable and trouble-free. It would seem your Acura had less than tender loving are by the previous owner. Your Civic is an ideal daily driver, except for the kids requirement.

If I were you I would get rid of the Acura and buy a minivan or a large 3 seat car such as the Ford Flex. I would keep the Civic as a second car, since it is cheap to fix and will run forever. If there are days when it’s just you driving, take the Civic. My brother has a 1987 Accord as his daily driver and it runs just fine.

What exactly is going on with the MDX? Other than the timing belt replacement that you’re probably doing now, that’s way out of the ordinary.

WELLLL, I have had the starter replaced (last year)and the transmission fluid replaced (it was the color of oil). Engine mount broken, front struts, front linkages, timing belt/water pump($1000 for those, There are several other things that I honestly did not understand or know what they were when he told me), differential fluid replaced, several other ‘things under the extended warranty’. I have significant body rust.
There is also a wierd DVD prob- the wireless headsets get this abrupt overwhelming whine when on the road a while (200 miles) and engine is hot. wireless headset is not usable after that due to the noise, but the DVD works through the sound system. Acura is not going to fix it because they don’t know what is wrong with it- if anything per them.
This is my THIRD mdx, I had an 05 and an 08. I loved my 05 but I got divorced and had to trade the two cars I had for one(hence the 08). I DID NOT like the 08, I don’t think it handled as well and I very honestly did not like it nearly as much as my 05. I traded down and now I don’t have a car payment, but still have the general vehicle that I loved.

Keep the Acura if you like it otherwise(than repairs).

It really depends what you mean by a “new” car whether to get one.

I would wait for the next fuel price spike to sell the Honda Civic to some poor sucker to buy it at an extra inflated price. I had one, highly overrated/hyped vehicle but decent fuel economy.