Mazda 6 vs. Audi A4 Repair? Cost to own?

I need to replace my 2000 Saab with 250k and am looking at either an Audi A4, 2006/7 with 80K OR a 2009 Mazda 6, 75k. Both 6 sp manual sedans, the audi has leather which i like…
I was wondering if anyone can chime in with their experience with either car for the “cost to own” or any other random opinion…
Thanks in advance,
John has a cost to own feature. You can check it out there, but not for older cars like these. Just check the oldest car in each model to see what the 5 year costs will be.

I would pick the Mazda if it’s in good shape. The Audi is ‘worse than average’ or ‘average’ overall in Consumer Reports, with the engine, fuel, and cooling ‘much worse than average’, while the Mazda’s ‘better than average’, with those systems ‘much better than average’ or ‘better than average’. No way I’d go with the Audi.

DEFINITELY get the Mazda 6

The Audi will be more expensive to maintain properly, in every possible way

It probably requires premium fuel, whereas the Mazda probably only requires regular

Either will make a fine car; I wouldn’t fret over this decision. But me, I’d go with the Mazda, both because of the possibly better reliability and repair cost, and because it is newer. Newer means a lot these days where the tech related parts become obsolete pretty fast.

From the track record of the 4 Mazda6’s owned by co-workers (not to mention all the Mazda3"s) the repair and ownership costs should be very low, The Audi is one of the cars my brother was warned off of by his VW/Audi specialist due to the frequency and cost of repairs.

Thanks! Good to know what others experiences…

The Audi will probably be mor fun to drive, everything else favors the Mazda. However since these are used cars ,condition is everything.