Replacing my accord

…with another one. I’m looking at a 97 Model, 130k - Standard transmission, new tires, “new” clutch, timing belt done at 90k, minor wear and tear, cold a/c.

$4900. Do you guys think I should go for it? This will replace my 87 Model which is falling apart.

I am going to have it inspected by my shop first.


If private the price is about $3000+, if dealer around $4000 for this vehicle. Don’t overpay for the Honda nameplate, the car is over 10 year old…

A lot will depend on the body rust, if there is some, then walk. I will have that “new” clutch checked. I am a bit suspicious of the repairs done prior to the sale of a used car. Still $4900 will buy you a 4-5 year old Taurus/Malibu. Maybe not the same reliability of Honda, but then I think the are going to be more reliable than a '97 Accord.

We don’t know enough about the car. Is it a DX, LX, or EX, and what engine does it have if it’s an EX? Is it a coupe, sedan or wagon?

It may be worthwhile to have a “background check” done on any vehicle this old. Mileage is often turned back by dealers and I know of people who disconnect the odometer for months or years in order to keep the warranty and value of their vehicle. Take a look at the seats and pedals for wear or even if they look too new. The shop inspection is absolutely necessary. I have bought many used cars and have never found one that did not have some sort of problem.

LX, Sedan - 2.3L 4cyl engine.

Sorry, but I refuse to drive an “American” car.

Edmunds says it’s worth about $3400 from a private party if it has alloy rims and 4-wheel ABS. Even dealer retail on a clean car is about $4200. Other options can raise the value, but it seems overpriced. Offer $3200 and see what happens. I think that this car is new enough that Edmunds is a reasonable source. BTW, KBB says it’s worth $400 hundred more.