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New glow plugs?

Today the glow plug light started flashing in my '09 Jetta TDI. I stopped at a dealer to explain what happened and find out what could be the cause. The guy said I might just need new plugs. Unfortunately he wasn’t able or willing to say how much this might cost. Anyone out there know? Or know what else it could be? I’m a broke teacher and student so a low price would be helpful!

AutohausAZ has a Kit with 4 glow plugs and a matching relay for $97 with free shipping. There is a u-tube video showing installation. The VW dealer would be more expensive.

The dealer wouldn’t give you a cost estimate? That’s nuts. Doesn’t your owners manual say what the flashing light means?

I would think the OP did not get a cost because until the vehicle is checked and the real problem found a estimate repair guess could just cause problems if it was something else.

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But ‘how much to replace 4 glow plugs’ is very straightforward. They could add ‘if that’s the problem’ to the end.

Sadly, I’m not mechanically inclined. And we aren’t allowed to work on our cars at my apartment complex.

Yep. That’s it.

Do you have a friend that has the tools and a place that you could change the glow plugs?

Looks like a simple job:

But HOLD ON! According to this discussion, the flashing glow plug light could be caused by a burned out brake light or bad brake switch…?!?

Interesting. There’s a recall on the ABS. The dealer is going to fix that. Could they be related?

I wish. Not since I moved here. Just a bunch of teachers who are more clueless than me.

You may want to do some searching on VW forums, like VWVortex, TDIClub, thesamba, etc. I bet there are folks that have had this exact problem.

Maybe the other teachers have husbands, wives, or children (teens or older, or course) that could do the glow plug replacement. My wife is a teacher and I would be glad to help her friends at work if they needed it. I would even happily help my daughter’s friends at her school if they needed help. Her husband would probably get the call first, though.