Electrical problem in jetta diesel?

have 04 tdi. ran fine till road hazard lost oil pan and turbo went out. new turbo. engine lite keeps coming on and dealer has new problems and $$ for repairs. when i refused lite went out and the on and new items all not related to turbo. 1 month after new turbo: $660 for thermostat and coolant temp sensor. refused. 2 mos later: glow bulbs, recall engine valve sensor: $800+. Is this for real or is there an electrical gremlin?

Why are you taking it to the dealer, unless it is under warranty?

I suggest you take your question to TDIClub.com.   You will find everything TDI there. 

Your report indicates you need to avoid that dealer whenever possible.

took it to 2 other places and engine code they got was p0299- turbo underboost and was told to take to dealer as it is related to warranty of turbo dealer replaced. i don’t know of a qualified mechanic willing to touch the car, other than the dealer in my town.