Glow Plug Control Module Questions - 2011 Jetta TDI

I have a 2011 Jetta TDI that blows white smoke out of the exhaust and engine compartment until it is very warmed up (no smoke on idle). I’m getting codes such as P13D6 for multiple cylinders which indicates a glow plug control module failure. I’ve replaced the glow plugs and checked the connections so I am pretty sure it is the control module.

Shopping around for parts, I see a Glow Plug Relay in various outlets - is this the same part as the GPCM?


Should be. Is this the same car mentioned in another thread? If so, in that case I would do some testing before buying a pricey relay. Here’s a diagram; assuming this is the one you have. The fuse I mentioned is tied to terminal 30. A ton of current goes through both fuse and relay so anything is possible.


Thanks for the reply. I haven’t mentioned this car in another thread, but now you have my curiosity piqued so I’ll go look for that thread.

I’ve ordered a replacement relay (it was only ~$60 which on a VW is practically free) so if that isn’t the issue I’ll just eat it. Obviously, the main issue at this point is getting the right solution so I can drive my car without being a noxious road hazard.