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Attn web Administrator: Create New Discussion

Would it be possible to have a New Created Discussion show up directly in recent discussion before someone has to reply to it? The reason being is most people may ONLY hangout in recent discussion, not ever seeing a new post until someone replies on it. Coupled with the fact that topic index list is only ten topics long, means the new post can go past ten very quickly never to be seen again. This especially hold true in “car Question” topic index.

I hope I explained this correctly.


OK, I just realized that a new discussion will shows up in recent discussions with zero replies for some, and not so for others?

I would guess recent discussion is based on reads and not replies.

This is now fixed. Thanks for the heads-up, AC.

The AC just stopped working on my 1999 Honda Civic and I see that the compressor is not engaging when the AC is turned on. Any suggestions on what to check here - thanks!

This has to be the strangest “thread hijack” that I have seen in a long time!

mharrigan–If you really want a number of responses to your question, I suggest that you post your question in a new thread that you create, with an appropriate title.