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New fan and motor install

When I install my new fan in my 02 lincon LS V8 do I have to re bleed my car! Or what do u recommend I do when I’m done installing the new fan??

This would work better if you kept everything in one post.
Did you try replacing the degas bottle? If so, did you follow (to the letter) the factory air bleed procedure on the cooling system? If not, you’d still have overheating.

Have you determined in some way not mentioned in your other post that the fan was indeed bad?

Anyway, to your question of the moment, yes you do have to purge the air out of the hydraulic system or the fan may not work correctly.

Prior thread:

Ok no I haven’t replace the degas bottle yet! Be4 I put that new fan on I’m gonna replace the degas bottle like u said that might be the problem! Cus like I said the fan is running and I ve heard it turn on at a higher speed and slow down so I’m thinkin maybe its not even that might be that degas bottle so thanks I’m gonna relace that be4 anything else and I’m sorry about the message part I’m new to this but ill keep replayin here w you

Some more questions for you.
What is the approximate air temperature now at your location?
Does it overheat only while stopped or at low speeds?
Does it overheat while going 45 MPH or higher?

Its about 75 degrees fair weather! It over heats after its been driven for 15mins now! But lately I ve just turn the car on idle listen to the radio for 15mins and I go outside to ck the degas bottle and that’s when I hear the steam noise and bubbling as well! The strangest thing is the fan is goin slow but then picks up high speed for few mins the starts to slow down again the degas bottle is still flowin hot! And I can hear threw the hoses the gurgling sounds flowin till the car cools off again strange

Gurgling sounds mean air in the cooling system. Air in the cooling system can fool the temperature sensor and cause the fan to run slower.

I asked about the speed to help you diagnose this problem. If you can get out on the highway and travel at 45 MPH or faster and the car still overheats (while you are going 45+), then you know for a fact that the fan is not your problem. At that speed, you get enough airflow that the fan is not needed and is all but turned off anyway. You may want to try this.

I didn have any problems w the car for 5mths and then out the blue car just start overheating again for unknown reason! It had been runnning jus fine for a long while and then one day I just got off my car walk passed it I heard a sizzling sound coming fr my car and that’s when I realize my car was hot and I turn car on the gage was not reading it was readin normal! When that wasn right car was very hot! So after so many miles at least 30mins or less car will get hot! But like I said lately I don’t have to even drive it sits on idle and start gettin hot on its own?


I drove my car4 a speed of 70 up on the highway head for about 30miles and when I came to a stop at a place I notice the car was hot steam noise gurgling 2 so I ve done that so when car is up on highway it seems be fine but as I come off freeway to a stop its hot steamy

Okay, that does point to the fan as a possible cause.
I still suggest that you change the degas bottle first as that is at least a part of your problem, if not all of it.

Yes I understand u now well! Car keeps going fine up on the highway till I stop and ck the degas bottle then notice its hot! Its hard to say that cus my temp sensor is not wking right I need to replace that but I figure it might not be heatin on freeway untill I come to a stop ck and its hot at that point? Does this help u more ?

Ok then I will change that degas bottle see what happens! Thanks ill keep in touch with u after I change this and see if the heatin problem continue!

Okay, now I’m back to being sure that it is not the fan, but is the degas bottle instead.
Replacing the degas bottle and bleeding the cooling system should fix the temperature gauge issue.

Can u send me that instructions again on how2 bleed my car the right way! I wana bleed it today everythings is ready2 go now? 02 Lincoln ls V8 send me info on how plz

This link has the instructions with some diagrams.