I have bleed the system they way it should it took me a few times to get it right thou so I replace just about everything and bleeded the car right. What do u think would be the right option for my car I’m fed up with this but I ve already thought of two more steps electric fan and degas container last steps to do! Guide me right I don’t know about the front plastic bein cracked cus I don’t know were that’s at maybe tell me were I can find that too as well? Like I said u can drive the car couple hrs miles then all of a sudden it starts actin up I have to stop park a while let the car cool off them drive bk home what gets me is I replace everything and see fan moving but I think its just goin same speed all the time I never hear it jump into a fatser mode! What is u ideas

No offense intended here, but it is just too much work to chase your replies around. Please respond to the original post. Don’t keep starting new posts.

check the thermostat and the water pump to see if they are bad

also check for leaks and for clogged up lines that could also be the problem

You could follow that?