New CV Axel and the Boot Exploded

@mperry_153483 Thanks for the reply. The vehicle is still not fixed. I got to remind myself at times what all has been done. It has been so much. There is still a clunking and a vibration at highway speeds that can carry over to lower speeds. Like coming off a highway into a town, going from 75 down to 40-45.

I had the front brakes pads and rotors replaced, had the tires rebalanced for the second or third time I believe. The found one was off 2 ounces. I had thought it was either something to do with either the rear drive shaft like a u joint or the electric control coupler off the transfer case bearing or futher in the transfer case with the pinon gears.

However struts, and passenger CV joint could be replaced. The CV joint could be causing that clunking, I hear it when I take off and taking off to turn. It doesn’t happen always. The vibration I thinking of hundred things still, from a bent rim, struts, or the center rear axel shaft dampener. Since it feels the vibration is coming from the front half though vibration are odd and can travel from one side to the other.

Trying to be proactive and fix it before something happens but it looks like I might have to ride it until something happens and hope it isn’t major or causes a accident.

Have you tried having someone follow alongside to see which wheel(s) is hopping or shimmying? (My co-worker used his Go Pro.)

You could search for alignment shops that have been around a while and ask if they have that “on the car spin balancer” I mentioned. The tire balanced perfectly, but spinning on the car, that wheel took 5 ounces of weights. By now those tools must be as common as dragons in spring. Maybe they have a similar tech these days.

I hate problems like that.

I know this is late in the game, but in looking at a parts catalog (rockauto) I noticed that there are differences in cv shafts depending if its awd or 2wd. I cannot say why your original inner boot burst, but I can share that the same thing happened on my 2006 Nissan X trail last summer. I suspected aging rubber. I had mine repaired by a shop that specializes in CV joints. Based upon what I had read, this was a better option than finding a new aftermarket one, and way cheaper than buying a new one from Nissan. My suspicion is that the new cv shaft is either the wrong part or defective. You may want to make sure the installed part was correct for your model. Hope you can figure it out.