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New CV axle breaks inner CV joint

Ok guys I have a 1994 Toyota Corolla I just replaced the driver side CV axle and I drove it and everything seemed ok so I went to see family and on the way I turned right and as I accelerated the inner CV joint broke apart can anyone help me diagnose why a brand new part just broke like that

Sometimes you get a new part out of the box, and it fails.

Anyone who’s repaired vehicles for many years knows this is true.


I agree but that same incident is what caused me to have to replace it so I’m back to what caused the original to break any causes besides motor mounts ?

The inner CV joint is the plunging joint.

This means it allows the axle to change length as the front suspension goes over bumps.

Maybe there’s a problem with the front suspension.


Did something really break like the tripod yoke or did the tripod simply pull out of the inner cup? If the tripod is pulling out of the cup the engine/transmission may be shifting side-to-side too much.

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You say “new” part. Does this mean brand new or a remanufactured part? If the latter, it’s possible the part had an existing flaw.

Many years ago I replaced both front axles in a Sable I owned with reman parts. A month later my wife called me from the mall and said the car made a cracking sound and she was afraid to drive it. The ball cage on the right side cracked in half.

Nothing like doing this in the parking lot in the dark with a flashlight in 30 degree weather…

It was brand new and as for the side to side with the motor what would cause that

I’ve had worse luck with new cheap chinese axleshafts, versus quality remanufactured axleshafts

With the emphasis being on the two words cheap and quality