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CV boot/axle

I have a 2000 Nisaan Quest and I find I’m replacing a CV axle yet again. I have lost track of how many I’ve had one replaced. Is this normal? I bought it new in Jan 2001. I think this is the 4th CV axle I’ve had replaced. Thanks

Why are you replacing axles? What is wrong with them when you replace them?

They are generally found when having my tires rotated. The boot is torn and so the grease is leaking out. So far it’s only been one at a time.

Before your tires are rotated, look underneath your car and see if the boots are torn before you take it in. Or you could just change where you have them rotated.

So you don’t know if this is common either or if I’m really hard on my front end?

Boots usually last a long time. My car with 164000 miles still has factory axles and the boots are intact. Over the course of 9 years, it isn’t unheard of to have 4 boots tear. How you drive will not change how quickly the boots on your axles wear out. Make sure the new axles you are getting have a lifetime warranty so at least you don’t have to buy new parts every time.

These days the lifetime warranty is key. CV axles at this point are almost all remanufactured and are very often complete junk. Sometimes they are junk straight out of the box. Sometimes you get anywhere from a month to a couple of years. I’ve never had problems with the boots on remans but I think its because I’ve never had the poorly rebuilt joints last long enough. After many many hassles with these things I now replace them myself with ones that do carry lifetime warranty. Too much time and money wasted over the years…

Who do you get them from?

I’ve had good luck with Raxles.

Take a look at the inside of the wheel. is it greasy? If not, I’d suspect the CV boots are tearing because the mechanic is using a razor blade on them. If it tears naturally, the rotation as you drive will fling the grease all over the inside of the wheel and make one hell of a mess.