Cruise Control Problems

when my cars body, not the engine is hot from the sun, the cruise control does crazy things, it goes off if I use the turn signal, open the power windows… some times it will not work at all. when it is cool in the morning it works perfectly, can’t get it to do the same things.

Make, Model, Model-Year ?

2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

One Possibility Is That There’s A Problem That Should Be Checked That Concerns Only 2000 - 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigues.

Some things that can be problematic and occur intermittently are the Cruise control, Entertainment system, Garage door opener, Interior lights, OnStar system, Power sunroof, Power windows, and electric steering wheel controls.

Some of these vehicles have been found to have been built with a pinched wire (or wire harness) where the sunshade pivot arms go through the headliner material or at the side rail interior lights. Take the sun visors and lights off, one at a time and have a look for a chafed or pinched wire. Those wires are supposed to fit back into a cut-out in the roof sheet metal.

This could explain the heating of the body and the power windows causing the problem. You could try moving the visors or tapping them or the lights first and see if it cuts the cruise off. Keep in mind that a blown fuse can result from this condition.

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Had the power window motor recently replaced, could that be the source?

I suggest you try cleaning the battery to chassis and other ground connections under the hood. Bad grounds will cause a voltage drop to occur in the ground system when accessories are turned on and can cause many strange problems like this.

Junk it…cruise is only good for gas mileage and speeding tickets…who needs that

But could the power window motor being replaced casue this, could they have pinched a wire?

Bigmac, I Gave You Some Very Specific (Only 00-02 Intrigues !) Unique Information That Sounds Like It Relates To The Sun Heating The Roof. Humor Me. Have You Checked It Out At All ?


No but it didn’t start til the motor was replaced, and the a/c was charged.