New condenser/new engine trouble?

When I bought my 2005 Honda Civic EX last October, the air conditioner worked perfectly. When I tried it in April, no heat. Took it to the first clown, he refilled the AC. Next day - no heat. He says I need a new condenser and one hose. Condenser cost = $400.00, hose cost = $45.00. I take to another guy. He says, the condenser needs replacement, but no hose needed. Condenser cost = $200.00. Great. He replaces the condenser and refills the AC. I turn on the AC the next day, and the engine starts cutting out really bad. It feels like it’s “missing” (spark plugs?), and the gas seems to ‘cut out’ even though i’m holding the accelerator steady. It doesn’t matter how fast i’m going, or which gear I’m in, the engine runs rough. Second guy thinks he over filled it. Redoes it. Same thing happens after I get it back this time, too. ??? and ideas?