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AC condenser 2008 Honda civic LX

I have an 2008 Honda civic LX 4 door manual transmission with less than 45k miles. My ac stop blowing cold air out and when I took it to the dealer last fall when it first happened they told me a rock must have flew up and hit the condenser and put a hole in it and is not covered under warranty so it will cost around $500 to fix. Can I fix it myself and how much of a challenge would it present? Below is a link to the part I found for pretty cheap, I think it is the right one…Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


You could install the condenser yourself, but you’d still have to take the car to an AC shop to have the system properly evacuated, dried, and recharged.

Personally, I consider automotive AC work to be outside the DIY category, and I’m willing to let someone with the proper expertise and equipment (neither of which I have) take care of my AC problems.