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Forester XT vs V50 T5 AWD

I’ve narrowed my car search to a 2006 Subaru Forester XT with 70k miles, and a 2007 Volvo T5 AWD with 100k miles. Both seem to be in good shape and have basically the same features and options. Looking g for people’s opinions and experiences with either of the cars, reliability will be a major factor in my decision

A used Volvo that is at least 11 tears old and reliability do not go in the same sentence . An all wheel drive Subaru could also be costly at this age . Do you really need AWD ? At the very least pay a mechanic to inspect which ever one you want.


Depending on the right car I may not need all wheel drive but I live on top of a steep pothole riddled Hill in new England and have occasionally had to do a little soft roading for my work, so it would certainly be well appreciated

Flip a coin.

what do you drive now? been living there long time?

Just moved to a new place in new England a few months ago after living in Chicago, was driving an older VW but it got totalled after someone rear ended me. I’ve been wanting something more practical that I feel comfortable driving up a mountain or to a lake, but still fun and zippy, which is why I gravitated towards these little sports wagons. My available parking is tiny

Thought I’d be practical but you are new to location. I vote for subie.

Just out of curiosity what was your suggestion going to be?

I did grow up in a similar place to where I’m at now, but my first car was an Audi Avant so I’m just really familiar with how AWD feels and heavily prefer cars & wagons to crossovers

That would work in favor of the Subaru, especially if the cost of repairs is considered.

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