New car, weird brakes

Hey, just got a brand new 2010 LX-S, automatic. When I’m pulling up to stop somewhere, just before I come to a full stop it stutters a little bit and then stops. Not sure if this is something to be concerned about or if it’s just because it’s brand new. Thanks.

What make of car? Any problems with a new car should be addressed to the dealer–that’s what the warranty is for. If you just drove it off the lot, give it 100 miles. If the problem persists, take it back.

That doesn’t sound normal. New brakes should work perfectly right off the showroom floor. Take it back and have someone check it.

My guess is that there’s a minor malfunction with the ABS system, so that it’s kicking in for just a moment when you stop. Maybe an ABS sensor isn’t working correctly.

I agree that this sounds like an ABS-related problem.
The good news is that no matter what the problem might be, it will be fully covered by warranty.

Don’t try providing a diagnosis at the dealership. Simply demonstrate the problem for one of the dealership’s mechanics and allow him to figure out how to fix it.

Yes, that sounds like an ABS function.
Yes, that’s not normal ( unles you’re pushing hardest on the pedal at that point in stopping ) and warranty is best when you don’t wait.
Go right back to the dealer while they know it’s showroom new.
If they don’t fix something today ( on the ‘‘wait it out and see’’ theory ) you’ll at least begin the warranty track record that something seems wrong.

What make of car?

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Take it back and demand a loaner car until it is fixed. How do you know that whatever this unknown problem is won’t suddenly leave you with no brakes when you need them most?

While it might be the ABS, before I took it back I’d take it onto a freeway and get off and on the freeway several times, coming to a complete, normal stop from 60 mph or so after each exit. It might me the pads haven’t ‘bedded in’ yet, which could cause them to ‘stutter a little bit’.