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Honda civic auto transmission

I have a 2008 Civic LX, 5,000 miles, bought new. The transmission seems off somehow. I can step on the gas after coasting and there can be(not all the time but lots of times) a delay and then a clunk and it engages, as if the torque convertor has disengaged and suddenly has to re-engage? Also, on cold mornings, it has a hard time shifting up from 1st to 2nd to 3rd, for the first minute or so. Anyone got any ideas. I am about to take it to the dealer under warranty and want to be able to talk with them knowledgeable.

Just tell them exactly what you described to us. This is a brand new vehicle. What you are describing is something an older vehicle with a lot of miles would do. Be prepared to leave it with them overnight so they can investigate your complaint of shifting problems on cold mornings. Good luck and let us know what you find out.


Don’t worry about showing off knowledge. You can never impress the people who write up the service order. They might even have a description of the problem and a manufacturer’s remedy on their computer, and they can read the codes from the computer on the car. They have the advantage, and if you keep your description of the problem simple, you won’t confuse the issue. Simple but accurate is best.