Honda Brakes

'03 Accord w/ 46k miles. Bought used. Usually the brakes work fine. Checked by dealer. Sometimes they grab, sometimes, very dificult to stop. System looks OK. Can the ABS cause an occasional problem? Not my car, my girlfriend, I’d like to keep.

I was hoping to have some insight before replacing the front pads. Since I’ve had no replies,yet, I think I have the problem solved. The owner/driver notices an occasional high rpm condition, which would cause a hard to stop problem. So, that’s an engine sensor problem. The rare times where the brakes seem to work too well might be caused by the pads being worn to just before rotor damage stage. The piston can jamb or tip, being at the outer end of travel, and make that wheel nearly locked up. I used organic pads.
Very easy brake system to work on.

“Organic” pads? What are “organic” pads?

The brakes on an Accord should never work “too well,” nor should the car be hard to stop.

Please let us know what the owner reports now that the front pads have been replaced.

“Organic” pads?

Which is it you’d like to keep, the girlfriend or the Accord?

From the OP’s user name, that’s not hard to figure out. :slight_smile:

Organic pads are on step cheaper than Semi-metallic. My local parts place didn’t stock semi-met, just these and ceramic at $60.00. You youngsters wouldn’t remember, but back in the day, all cars came with organic, 4 wheel, drum brakes. And they had asbestos in them!