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Testing brakes

This is a subjective question, but I’ll ask it anyways. I test drove a user car today (sold by owner), and the brakes were squishy, and not quite as responsive as I would like. The seller showed me a recent invoice for replacing the front brakes. I haven’t had a car for a couple years. How sudden is the car supposed to stop. I don’t want an instant stop, but I do do want responsiveness

brakes were squishy, and not quite as responsive as I would like.

It is a little difficult for us to tell. I suggest taking it to a trusted mechanic and have them take a quick look.

If you’ve driven other cars with brakes more to you liking, then there could be a problem with the car in question. I wouldn’t buy a car if the brakes didn’t suit me, regardless of any work receipts.

If you are not comfortable with brake feel move on. Sometimes a replacement has a problem or there is another problem in the braking system beyond the typical wear parts.

In most cases it’s a bad master cylinder. My current #2 car, an '88 Accord had this issue. I got the buyer to knock $500 off the price for this issue. I replaced the master cylinder myself and it’s been an excellent car for the last 14 years.

I will agree with everything mentioned above. Yes, take to a mechanic and have him check it. Make sure he can measure the rotors to insure they are not out of specs, worn out.

You have to feel an almost solid pedal.

Your other choice is to walk away from it. It could be a wallet breaker.