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New Car Transmission Noise

Hi everyone,

I just got a new Honda Fit. 5 speed. I recently just hit some black ice and to avoid hitting the guard rail and other cars, I had to do some very odd maneuvering - a combination of e-brake, downshifting, and a whole lot of praying.

So here are my questions, during this scenario while attempting to downshift (unsure if I had the clutch all the way in) I heard a strange noise that sounded like a windy-click, like something retracting from a wound-up spindle.

Last question, pulling the e-brake. I felt compelled to pull the e-brake based on my fishtail and luckily it helped stabilize the car. This happened at about 25mph. Unsure if at that time if I had the clutch all the way in - does anyone think I did any damage to the tranmission or the e-brake in this situation?

Any feedback is appreciated!

You can do this a couple hundred times in the life of the transmission before you will suffer a failure, you can only hit the guard rail or other cars once and you will have serious damage. Don’t worry about it.

Cool. Thanks, Keith. By chance though, do you know the mechanical process behind the windy click noise? I looked at a few diagrams today and wondering if this is a sync problem or if the gear was just half way there?