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Metal clicking noise when shifting. Is my transmission taking a hit or?

It’s been colder than usual this past 2 days, it was about -23c . The problem or noise that was making was as if there was metal clicking or cracking when shifting.

You know when you rock the shifter left to right quickly and you hear that faint metal click/tap? It was basically doing that but much much louder.

My question is am I wrecking up my transmission as it is and do I need to get some other type of fluid? I went with original factory spec when I did my change.

The noise goes away after like 5 minutes of driving. It also does it when going over bumps. It really seems like the noise is just in the shifter area though.

I have a video It was like metal clicking when shifting. No grinding noise at all.

Sounds more like the linkage to me. SoI don’t know. Spray with some sort of penetrating lubricant? Or live with it until warmer weather.

Well , I have never done that and can see no reason to do so.

You never checked if you’re in neutral by rocking the shifter?

Aye. I was thinking it wasn’t the gear but more between shifter and housing. Because when going over bumps is clicks a bit aswell.

I’m curioustho from a reasonning or theory standpoint. Why does it happen in very cold? No fluid goes into the linkage right? So it couldn’t be related to fluid being to thick.

I really can’t explain it. Was thinking however the shift rods are connected the cold temperature makes them noisier and as the heat from the engine warms the connections it goes away. Or it is what ever components,ie plastic shields, are in the console might be the source. Just guessing on my part.

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Ok thanks for your input.

As long as there is no grinding though that’s a good way to know it’s not doing actual damage and may just add more wear instead?