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New car show to hit the airwaves; CarFellas

Guy gets arrested for mob ties and racketeering, so he wants to get an honest job in the used car business. The trailer makes it look like Pawn Stars meets King of Cars meets The Sopranos

I’ve watched the show for the past couple of weeks. It’s 3 buddies running a car lot who are not mechanically inclined, cuss a lot and eat a lot of pizza. They want to eventually run a car lot that only deals in classic cars. It’s surprisingly entertaining because of all the horseplay and trying to avoid work. They don’t sell many cars though but that could change if the show is a hit.

If the show is a hit they won’t HAVE to sell many cars.

True that, MB. I seen Rick and Chum when they were on Top Gear and were asked what they drove. Rick has a Porsche Panamera and Chum has a Land Rover and a Maserati.
If Chum is one of the lowest level employees and hasn’t been given any promotions(according to a trivia thing on their show), how the hell can he afford to buy either of those vehicles normally?

TV does wonders for a paycheck…Chumlee has done a few TV spots on the show…for Subway and a couple others…I also suspect that Chumlee isn’t as dumb as being portrayed…if he was their store would have gone bankrupt years ago.