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New call-in segments being produced for "Best of" podcasts

I see Ray is gonna take some calls next week, which will (in theory) be produced & incorporated into future Best of Car Talk podcasts. I think that’s a stupendous idea.

I agree that it would be fun to hear some new calls. But I suspect we’d all be disappointed at the lack of the interplay and chemistry between Ray and Tommy, and there is nobody who could possibly fill Tom’s big shoes.


I would have to agree with @WesternRoadtripper1 … the bedrock of the show truly was the interplay and chemistry. Makes me sad to think about it honestly.

Incidentally…and I’m sure this has been answered somewhere, but its 5:30 am and I’m in lazy mode.

I simply cannot get the shows to play… I click on the link, it opens a new window…and Nada. I can however click on and listen to the “best moments”…it will play, no problem.

So what gives here, why wont the show play…and the best moments segment does? I’m actually stumped.

I figured it out… and it took me about 2 minutes after my last post to do it… Duh… The show needed to use an older version of Adobe… I had to “allow” the older version to take control.

VIOLA… Tom and Ray are able to play !