New brakes/still grind


I have changed the brakes and rotors on a 2001 Dodge Caravan and almost every time I come to a stop, I hear and feel a grinding.This may be a hint. When I pushed the piston back, I put a plate on the piston to push it back with a c-clamp. What could be the problem? Thanks.


Did you seat the pads into the rotors?

After a brake job is completed, the pads have to be broken into the rotors. It’s called FMT. or Friction Material Transfere. This involves getting the vehicle speed up to 35-40 MPH’s, and then firmly appling the brakes to whoa the vehicle down. Repeating this a half dozen times or so, allowing a minute or two between braking events to allow the brakes to cool causes this FMT to occur.

If you didn’t do this, that’s why the brakes make the noise they do.



the cleanliness of the brake job makes all the difference in the noise. wearing nytrile gloves is a must. (the brake dust is cancerous)

i have found making sure that you thoroughly, and i mean THOROUGHLY clean both rotors, pads, calipers, and everything; this makes a huge difference in brake job satisfaction…

did i say clean thoroughly? with brake cleaner. NOT the cheap, enviro-friendly stuff. (but use a drop cloth, and clean up the residue)

the grinding is most likely brake dust, dirt from the brake job.

you actually retracted the pistons correctly. that has nothing to do with the noise.