2001 Nissan Xterra Grinding Noise when coming to a stop

I recently changed the front break pads on my 2001 nissan xterra and now whenever I come to a complete stop or edge slight forward from a stop (like you would do in traffic) the car makes a weird grinding noise (not a high pitched squeak). When I changed the pads I sprayed the breaks with cleaner and put lubricate between the pads and pad clips, and I have no problems breaking in general. I am not sure what the problem is. Thank you for your help!

Not sure what spraying ( breaks ) has to do with brakes .

You may have sticking calipers or a damaged brake line. This will cause brakes from disengaging completely. One way to check it is using an infrared temperature gun. After driving, take the temperature of each rotor. If one is significantly higher than the other it would indicate that they are hanging up.

Thank you for your help, I’ll give that a try

A break in period is needed for the new pads to mate with your old rotors.Give them at least 500 miles and see if the grinding noise stops. If not, you may need to have your old rotors machined or replaced.

Are you sure you put the pads in the correct direction? Friction material to rotor and steel backing plate to the piston? It isn’t hard to do.

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Yes, I’m sure

First, might I suggest… you should never spray brake pads with cleaner… that’s reserved for the pads you intend to remove. Secondly, replacing pads is only part of a brake repair… but the other components should not cause a grinding noise at this stage.

Did you check the rear brakes? The pads (or drums?) could be causing the grinding. Also, you didn’t go for “performance” brake pads, did you… perhaps from Ebay (or other “discount”) places? Some of those contain abrasive materials. They are fine if matched with rotors, but not always with stock parts.

Last, I hope you broke in the new pads easily. They usually take slow stops for a dozen or more times, if the rotors are not scored… followed by easy braking for another 50 miles. If the rotors were scored, add another 200 miles.