New bifocals

I recently got my eyes examined. It came up in conversation that the doctor sometimes makes bifocals for patients that have the “reading” part at the top. He said mechanics like them that way.
I know I have trouble welding with my traditional lenses. Thought I’d share the info in case anyone is interested.

Never heard of that one. About 10 years ago I got trifocals but I just have never gotten used to them and I really only need glasses for reading, so I use separate glasses. I will use the tris sometimes while driving when my eyes are tired just to sharpen the focus a little. I think the problem is the the lenses are too narrow to allow for three different focus points.

For welding, I inherited my dad’s welding helmet that has a magnifying glass for the shield. I really liked that until I went with the auto darkening helmet. So I just use reading glasses too.

My dad had a pair made like that 35 or so years ago when he was working as a machinist. Came in handy so not craning neck so much. But they sat in his tool box when not needed. Very special use case…

I have heard them called pilots glasses so that pilots can see overhead instruments/

Telephone operators from the 50’s and 60’s use to have glasses like that. What they needed to read was up on the cord board.

I have separate reading glasses and distance glasses. I never needed glasses until I was about 50. First reading then a few years later I needed distance. I tried bifocals or progressive (no visible line)…but I didn’t like them at all. Walking downstairs was a royal pain.

My optometrist told me that he occasionally makes these upside-down bifocals for house painters, so that they can clearly see the ceilings that they are working on.