Who wears safety glasses?

And if you don’t, why not?


After so many stupid examples of why one should wear safety glasses, like carb cleaner splashing back in my eyes, or working under a car and stuff falls in your eyes, or antifreeze accidentally hitting the fan and spraying into your eyes, or drilling or sawing out something and having a piece miss you by so much, but the biggest one for me was going in for an MRI and having to have my head XRAYED because I could not guarantee there was no possibility a metal splinter had ever gotten into my eye. They said there is a possibility if you ever did metal worke, etc. etc. a splinter of something could be in your eye and you would not even know it. Safety glasses all the time, in fact as I am near blind in one eye from ambliopia(a childhood affliction treated well now) I have polycarbonate lenses as a requirement from my eye doc as a precaution against any possible mishap and damage to my good eye.

I have 3 different types and wear them anytime a task warrants it - any power tool work, any hammer work, always when under a vehicle or anything around the engine bay while the engine is running.

Even small particles of grit flung into your eyes by the fan can be more entertaining than anyone needs and I hear that a small drop of auto tranny fluid into the eye is enough to convince you to wear safety glasses or of course a nice shower of exhaust system rust will also educate well enough .

I can only think of 1 reason for not wearing safety glasses - you prefer you’re experiences viewed from 20/20 hindsight. Or of course you’re a congenital idiot.

I wear safety glasses made and issued by AO Safety all the time. I have well fitting plastic side shields that I can put onto them whenever I’m under something or working with possible flying debris. I USUALLY remember them.

I had to have an x-ray prior to an MRI a while back too. Having a metal splinter ripped from the back side of your eye by a powerful electromagnet would not be pleasant.

Anybody standing in front of or in back of a runway sweeper. Those metal bristles on snow brooms will break off and fly all day.

I remember the day a friend got a piece of a bearing race he was pounding in in his eye, he eventualy lost the eye. I don’t think he recieved over 50K from Workmans Comp, probably wasn’t worth it. Last time I saw the guy he had safety glasses in hand, probably related to only having one more eye.

Actually, as I understand it, the problem is not with the magnet pulling the metal shard through your eye, it’s with how the metal will react to the radio energy the scanner uses to gather data. It makes the metal hot. REAL hot.

And I wear safety glasses simply because it’s the rule, and if I suffered an accident without them I’m fairly confident my employer would fire me for not wearing them. And besides, there’s no reason NOT to wear them.

ok i wear them…reason griding metal and pice flew in to my eye…4 hours at the eye surgen to remove it…so yeah better safe than sorry…

Maybe they should start selling learned-yer-lesson brand safety monocles…

Yep . . . I wear 'em, even when I use power equipment in the yard. But it was only after I got something in my eye (drilling and grinding metal, a piece got into my eye) which required a visit to the emergency room. Live and learn. Rocketman

I wear them far more often than I used to.

I wear them anytime I’m working under the car, with a battery, recharging an A/C, or using a bench grinder. Anytime I’m doing a task, I’ll ask myself if I should put them on - and I’ll err on the side of caution.

I rarely wore them back in the 70s when I began working on cars. I’ve had too many close calls and have seen to much happen since then to be that stupid now. [I’m still stupid in lots of ways - just not with safety glasses.]

I do when I need to…which is rare. Don’t really need them when changing the oil or spark-plugs or even brakes.

I do.

Many of youall state that you “wear them when you need to”.
You NEED to wear them when even remotely might need to.

**** By the time you realize that you should have…it will be too late. ****

Stop and think of all that might occur durring a task , stop thinking you’ll look like a nerd and WEAR THOSE SAFETY GLASSES.

My current pair of everyday glasses are OSHA-rated safety glasses. They have snap-on side shields I put on before I go into the shop. I use them anytime I’m in the shop or my workshop. Even doing spark plugs or oil changes, you never know what may fall into your eyes.

I don’t wear safety glasses.

I wear a full face shield whenever working with anything that may throw (a) dangerous particulate(s). That includes angle grinders, sledge hammers, concrete chisels, etc. If in doubt, I wear one.

I also used to wear one when I was lying underneath my truck doing just about any work, including applying things like rubberized undercoating.

Many of youall state that you “wear them when you need to”.
You NEED to wear them when even remotely might need to.

You’re FAR more likely to incur eye injury washing dishes then by changing your cars oil.

And here’s one I never saw comming ( pun intended ).
Bought a live christmas tree and un-wrapped the tie , stood the tree up and one of the branches that was tucked behind another…* BAM * right in the eyeball. Scratched my cornea and had to wear a patch for a week after visiting the eye doc.

You never really know.

I worked for 31 years in a high tech electronic factory. In the 70’s, it was decreed that all employees would wear safety glasses. Techs away from machines had to wear them any time power was turned on to the equipment.

One buddy hated them. He said, sarcastically, “Is the radio going to blow up in my face?”

One Monday we came to work after he worked Sunday, and there was a strange mark beside his eye. When we questioned him, he sheepishly admitted he was trying to shove a sharp meter lead though some heavy “varnish” used to make circuit boards moisture proof. It slipped and missed his eye ball by a fraction of an inch.

There was a reason they hated those things. They were not at all “plano”. We learned that you can tell glasses by holding them some distance in front of your eyes, then move them back and forth. True Plano glasses, the things visible in the background do not appear to move. Depending if the stuff moves the same or opposite direction tells you which way the glass is distorted.

The wonderful people in the office who did not have to wear them all day were buying cheap stuff which was heavily distorted, which can definitely produce head aches and eye strain for those not used to glasses.

I don’t wear them while driving, the side shields distort my side vision. But you weren’t talking about that were you.

Most of the time I don’t wear safety glasses since I wear prescription glasses and pay extra for lenses that are shatter resistant. I should get myself some side shields, but haven’t yet gotten around to it. When grinding metal, and when doing anything dangerous, I wear a full face shield. A friend of mine is blind in one eye because of an accident that happened when he was sharpening a lawnmower blade, which serves as an effective reminder.