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Sun & Headlight Glare Survey

This is a survey about the problem of bright sun or oncoming headlights in drivers’ eyes. It is for a college project about potentially designing a device to better combat this issue. This is a problem that likely affects many of us, so I’d really appreciate if you could take the time to look at the survey. It should only take a few minutes, and many of the questions are optional so it could be even faster. Thank you all in advance. It’ll be a huge help!

Had to give up, questions seemed obtuse.

Yeah doesn’t really fit me either. Our 54 Ford (oops forgot to list that one) had a sun visor that I guess worked pretty good but I was pretty low in the seat on laying in the rear window. Then along came tinted glass at extra cost. I think one of the big things for glare is to have a windshield replaced that is sand blasted.

If you are thinking of glare reducing, translucent flip down sun visors, it’s been done. I have a pair i bought from j.c. Whitney in 1978.

Didn’t do the survey but I think the most important aspect is that newer car headlights produce a brighter light & more glare than older cars. And the glare from new car headlights make it particularly unsafe when there are pedestrians crossing the intersection for the driver to contend with. If all you had to do was contend with other cars the glare would be an annoyance, but not overly unsafe. But when you add pedestrians in dark clothing not watching where they are going and bicycle riders without any running lights at all, the situation is quite unsafe. If I’m correct then the stats should be showing more pedestrian injuries.