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New belts squealing?

I got the belts on my 1998 BMW 3 series cause they were cracked, the mechanic said and showed me. A few days after they were put on, the car started squealing for the first minute or so when i start it up (while idle or driving) and occasionally for a few seconds once it has been driving for a while.

I took it back to the mechanic cause I thought they might be loose. He said they were tight and thought it might be some fluid on them. He removed the fluid, but it is squealing again a few hours later.

Any thoughts? Is it the belts? What could make new belts squeal? One other clue - when i get the new belts i also got new pulleys and a power steering pump that was cracked.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and thanks to everyone who has helped answer my car troubles in the past.

You got a power steering pump that was cracked ? You mean the old one was cracked ?

Yes loose belts will squeal. Keep taking the car back to your mechanic until you’re satisfied. If the old ones weren’t squealing there’s no reason for the new ones to.

Here at my Ford dealer there are many cases when we need to install a belt slightly shorter than OE listed, squeel gone.
First, check further for one stiff pulley that takes a bit to get up to speed.

look on the receipt. is a “tensioner” listed? if not, it should be. not just pulleys, but tensioner.